Prof. Dr. Kristina Friedland


Prof. Dr. Kristina Leuner

Curriculum Vitae Kristina Friedland (ehem. Leuner)

Fachapothekerin für Arzneimittelinformation

1995-2000                       2. Staatsexamen (Pharmacy), Free University of Berlin
2001                                 3. Staatsexamen and Approbation as Pharmacist
2001-2005                        PhD student at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Frankfurt

Research Experience and Appointments

Since 04/2011                 Associate Professor (W2) for Molecular & Clinical Pharmacy,
                                        FAU Erlangen/Nürnberg
11/2005 – 04/2011          Postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Dr. W.E. Müller, Department of Pharmacology,
                                        Goethe University of Frankfurt
08/2008 -04/2009            Visiting scientist in the laboratory of Prof Dr. L. Pozzo-Miller,
                                         Department of Neurobiology, UAB, USA

Honors and Awards

2001 – 2004                    Stipend of the DFG-Graduiertenkolleg „Arzneimittel und Entwicklung“
10/2003                           AGNP-Price for Congress and Research
10/2005                           AGNP-Price for the best poster at the annual Meeting
2007                                „Faculty of 1000 Biology“ Identification of a new target for antidepressants
08/2008                           Phoenix Pharmazie Wissenschaftspreis for the best publication
                                        in pharmacology
09/2009                           AGNP price for research in psychopharmacology

Other notable activities
2010-2011                        Member of the board of the Goethe Graduate Academy, Goethe Universität Frankfurt
Since 2011                        Member of the scientific board of WIPIG (Wissenschaftliches Institut für Prävention im Gesundheitswesen)
Since 2011                        Member of the scientific board of the BA Klinpharm (Bayrische Akademie für Klinische Pharmazie)
Since 2011                        Member of the Emil-Fischer-Graduierten-Schule and the Emil-Fischer-Center, FAU Erlangen/Nürnberg
Since 2012                        Member of the board of the interdisciplinary centre of neuroscience, FAU Erlangen/Nürnberg
Since 2013                        Member of the board of the Lesmüller-Stiftung
Molekulare und Klinische Pharmazie
Department Chemie und Pharmazie
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
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